Everyone who has ever been to a strip club ( I’m talking about those that don’t have prostitutes dancing) knows that, before you even think about moving your hand toward a dancer, a guard shows up next to you to prevent any kind of physical contact. Well, of course, this happens only if your hand doesn’t have money in it. If you want to give a tip, then it’s OK to reach for strippers. Dancing Bear is the site that makes you want the female dancers do what these guys do.

What’s the story here?

There is this bunch of muscular guys with huge cocks that make their living by stripping on girls-only parties. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bachelorette party, sorority initiation, promotion celebration or a birthday party. Whatever the occasion is, these guys will do it. There can be dozens of girls at these parties. OK, but why ”Dancing Bear”, you will ask. Well, one of the guys always begins his performance dressed as a big bear, hence the name.

What happens next may come as a bit of a shock to some of you. When the guys are naked, they start swinging their cocks in the faces of the girls in the audience. Some of the girls are shy, and they cover their faces and scream, not knowing what hit them. On the other hand some of them don’t waste time and take those cocks right in their hands or mouths.

Usually, the guys then walk around shoving their cocks in mouths of every girl that is willing to take it. Some of the previously shy girls then pick up the courage, and join the sucking. Sometimes this ends up with guy’s cum splashed all over some girl’s face, and sometimes all of that leads to some hardcore fucking in front of everyone. I can’t tell you if all this is staged or authentic but, if it is staged, some of the girls should win the academy awards for acting so shy and surprised at a sight of a swinging erected cock in front of their faces.

Both Dancing Bear and members could use more videos

At this moment there are around 110 exclusive videos of wild parties on Dancing Bear. Average duration is about 70 minutes, but some videos run up to more than 2 hours. I know that this is not a lot, but if these videos are authentic, it is absolutely understandable. They can be streamed in flash, or downloaded in wmv and MP4. Formats for your mobile devices are available, too. Most of them come in HD and they are not protected by DRM. Older scenes are not as good as the newer ones, but their quality is good.

If you stream the scenes, you can jump forward immediately, and buffering is good. It appears that they update about once a month. There is no apparent daily download limit, but Terms state that they ”…reserve the right to restrict the amount of materials which may be downloaded by your account at any time.

Videos are followed by photo galleries (each containing hundreds of photos). They are not professional but, in those circumstances, it is understandable. Photos can be viewed, and galleries can be downloaded as Zip files. Both male strippers and girls are of various ethnicity. All guys are muscular, and the girls are thin, average or busty.